Romain has considerable history with Richard Mille, having served as its brand ambassador

Ask Romain Grosjean about watches and you will discover they are one of his passions; but then, what would you expect from a Franco-Swiss Formula 1 driver who was born in Geneva, the watchmaking capital of the world. ‘I think they are truly beautiful pieces of jewellery for men. I would quite happily take a watch apart because I love understanding how the mechanics work, and sometimes watches reach the pinnacle of precision…

On the other hand, I would be incapable of putting it back together again…’ Romain Grosjean and Richard Mille first met in 2013; that brief encounter was the beginning of a solid friendship: ‘I don’t have any idols; even when I was a teenager I didn’t have a poster of Senna in my bedroom.

The people I admire are those who work hard and give 100% of themselves; Richard is a model in that regard. His products are unanimously acknowledged for their technical excellence, and I am extremely proud to be one of his friends.’

However, during a race, your heart rate reaches 165 beats a minute on average, and I can lose up to 3.5 kilogrammes of water.

This strict discipline is the key to performance, which top drivers live almost in slow motion. Since 2016, Romain Grosjean will be living this wonderful paradox, where time and space are distorted, with the new Haas F1 Team, whose cars are powered by Ferrari engines, a legendary name for fans of state-of-the-art mechanical engineering.


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