John Malkovich

a Hollywood screen legend

An avowed aesthete

An avowed aesthete and style hero, actor, producer, designer and entrepreneur, John Malkovich is, as he himself puts it “pernickety.” A suitable partner indeed for Richard Mille, the perfectionist to end all perfectionists. As Malkovich says, in what must be one of the most immediately recognizable voices in the world.

‘Honestly, I’ve never thought of myself as a public figure, much less cultivated an image of any kind. What interests me is doing things I like. Life is short, and I have had lots of passions since I was a child.’

John Malkovich

An independent cast of mind

A man with a dry sense of humour and an independent cast of mind, Malkovich has not been content merely to play roles in international feature films. 'Being John Malkovich' sealed his reputation, the film itself bearing witness to a decade’s worth of striking art-house and Hollywood performances which remain in the back of many people’s minds. In addition to his Oscar and Golden Globe nominations, Malkovich received a Molière award in France for his theatrical production of Zach Helm’s Good Canary. His Paris stage production of Dangerous Liaisons, adapted from the work by Choderlos de Laclos, attracted the brightest young actors from the city’s school of performing arts.

A constant search for new horizons

Today, his constant search for new horizons has led one of the great Hollywood legends to take an interest in watchmaking, where, as always, he naturally gravitates towards the very best. Artist, designer, entrepreneur, you name it – he is it. He defines himself as 'borderline neurotic'.


‘I really can’t say why, but ever since I was a child, I’ve always needed things to possess a distinct style.’

John Malkovich


Such a feel for detail and perfection could hardly escape the notice of Richard Mille. Malkovich has been a tried and trusted partner of the brand since 2016, wearing the RM 67-01 Automatic Extra-Flat, an elegant and refined piece for this sometimes very private man who wears not only his heart but also his watch, just under his sleeve.