Richard Mille Fund

Originally, the Richard Mille Brand created in 2021 the ‘Fonds de Recherches et Neurosciences’ (Neuroscience Research Fund). This action had the specific remit of funding world-leading science to the Paris Brain Institute. Among other achievements, it financed a new-generation MRI scanner, the 7 Tesla, a massive breakthrough technology.

In order to support other causes, the Richard Mille Fund came in early 2024. The objective is to invest much-needed funding particularly towards research as well as social causes. These include the Paris Brain Institute, Institut Imagine, Women Safe & Children, Association Lazare and Espérance Banlieues.

‘The Richard Mille Fund’s objective is to fight some of the major scourges of our modern world. We do this by providing state-of-the-art technology and research funds for illness, and also by combatting violence and exclusion. Through strong initiatives, we try to contribute to positive change and offer individuals opportunities to change their worlds.’

The Richard Mille Fund Team


Funds from the RMF continue to help the Paris Brain Institute, which conducts state of the art research into the deepest pathways of the brain, making life-changing discoveries for sufferers of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Multiple Sclerosis, those with severe spinal injuries, and more. Based on the success of this collaboration, the RMF has turned to other transformative projects which, by their very nature, make a real difference. One beneficiary is the Institut Imagine, Europe’s leading research centre for genetic diseases, also based in Paris. Researchers have already developed over 400 therapeutic solutions covering 3 000 genetic diseases, after collating analytical data from more than 800 000 patients worldwide.


One of its founding principles was to extend support to a wide range of initiatives providing vital services. Women Safe & Children, for example, is a network of carers, lawyers and doctors offering concrete assistance for victims of domestic abuse in France, covering both physical and psychological violence. It also offers protection and shelter but also campaigns for a change in attitudes towards feminicide outside the urban context. The RMF helps the leaders replicate the Women Safe & Children methodology and empower new multidisciplinary teams.


We are also supporting the Association Lazare which offers shared accommodation and hope for homeless people with young working people at more than 16 centres throughout France and neighbouring countries. The idea behind these houses is to support people in finding a job and regaining their independence. The educational programme of Espérance Banlieues inspires change and inspiration for youth from disadvantaged environments. Operating at, 17 schools in or near priority urban neighbourhoods in France, the idea is to fight the educational and cultural inequalities. More and more of these innovative schools are re-establishing the vital bonds between parents, teachers, youth and the community.

The Richard Mille Fund is currently concentrating on France, but we aim to develop more and more internationally.