2-15 JUNE 2024


The Richard Mille Cup is born from a desire to create a challenging sporting event with competition through a range of inshore and offshore races. This unique race presented an opportunity for the most beautiful classic yachts and their owners to express themselves on the seas and to unleash the potential of their vessels.


‘These early 20th-century sailboats were designed and built for nothing but speed, and it’s that extreme quality I appreciate. Their beauty and efficiency contribute to their formidable personalities. Whether you look at their lines, sails or masts – everything is gorgeous. Even the slightest detail proves to be exceptional – because each has its function. These yachts, built from noble materials, have a soul. There are actually tremendous similarities between these boats and our watches. Granted, they’re not from the same era, but they are born of the same philosophical approach,’

Richard Mille


By invitation only, this gathering is a very exclusive event. The selection criteria are along the similar strict lines as an automotive elegance competition. The selected yachts must have been built before 1939 or be extremely faithful replicas of such yachts and the minimum size to enter is 10 meters length at the waterline.
Amongst them, boats designed by William Fife are part of the line-up, including the Moonbeam IV, one of the few large classic gaff cutters still sailing and considered as one of the most beautiful classic yachts in the world. Winner of the prestigious British King’s Cup in 1920 and 1923, it sails alongside other Fife beauties like Mariquita, Moonbeam 3, Altair, Tuiga and The Lady Anne , as well as other classic yachts including Mariette, Atlantic, Kelpie and Thalia.



Such an event deserved a worthy reward. Richard Mille wanted to create a trophy befitting the event and its competitors. The House of Garrard has a rich heritage in iconic sporting trophies, designing and making among others the America’s Cup.
Standing a metre high, the Richard Mille Cup has been crafted in sterling silver. The design takes inspiration from the elegance of the yachts that competde for the trophy. The detail and movement of the sails are captured hovering above the waves in a modern Garrard design. The Richard Mille Cup is a perpetual trophy and the winner is presented with a 40cm high replica also made by Garrard.