Alexis Pinturault

Ski Artistry

Pure instinct

Alexis Pinturault could probably ski before he even learnt to walk. The undisputed Savoyard ski champion seems to have an innate ability to navigate the slopes. Standing 1.80 m tall and weighing 80 kg, he has a imposing presence on the pistes. But it’s not just his stature that has earned him the nickname of “The Beast” – it's also his strictly regimented lifestyle, his steely mindset, and his almost military rigour. With multiple Olympic medals, world championships, and the French record for the number of titles held across all disciplines, from slalom to alpine skiing, giant slalom, combined and super-G, this skiing star continues to move mountains!


Simple and efficient

Alexis joined the Richard Mille family in 2014. With its three-coloured dial and pastel blue strap, the RM 67-02 sports watch is just like the athlete: high-performing, technical and efficient. It is perfectly suited to skiing, resisting extreme temperatures and high altitudes while offering flawless ergonomics, unrivalled durability and being very lightweight.


‘I’m not a methodical skier, I’m much more instinctive.
I don’t think about how I have to do this or that, I just do it. I trust my own perception of my ability and everything just happens totally naturally.’

Alexis Pinturault


‘A good time depends on so many factors. This might seem a bit contradictory, but if I finish in sixth place, that is a bad race for me, despite the fact that I might only be 20 hundredths of a second behind the winner, which isn’t very much at all, but at the same time, it’s everything !'

Alexis Pinturault