Diana Luna

By the Grace of Golf

The first Mille sportswoman

The Italian golfer was the very first sportswoman ever to attract the discerning eye of Richard Mille. One of the world’s top women golfers and an unmissable star, setting off in the world’s most prestigious tournaments with style and class. But it’s not just about winning. A true Roman at heart, the most important thing in Diana’s life is her family. It was therefore only natural that she should join the family which is Richard Mille.


‘Before, I never wore a watch when I played. Now I take my RM 07-01 all the way, everday.’

Diana Luna


Always on Top

Diana was the Italian number one for several years in a row and has also been one of the top 10 female golf players in Europe, thanks in part to five wins on the Ladies European Tour. At the 2011 Ladies German Open, she became the first woman ever to play 72 holes without scoring any bogies – a feat that only a handful of men have managed to achieve.


Family first

Becoming a professional golf player was preordained for this lover of the “beautiful sport”, who first stepped onto the green aged 12. By the age of 19, her attention was entirely directed at competing professionally. Diana Luna, with an honest face, still can’t believe it: “I’m so lucky, aren’t I?” There is a reason why she mainly competes and wins at European tournaments: because family is a priority for Diana. She has always chosen to stay near her loved ones over the big wins that she would have doubtlessly made on the other side of the Atlantic – a decision that demands respect. After a triumphant career, Diana took up a new challenge as Team Manager for the Italian women’s golf team.