Lando Norris

Fist-bumping success !

Lando Norris stand on the brink of becoming just the fifth driver in history to reach the 100-race milestone for McLaren. At 23 years old, he was also the youngest. One of the most daring drivers on the international circuit, he was born in 1999, chomping at the bit for success in a brand new millenium.

His parents injected speed and competitiveness in his DNA. At 3 they put him, allegedly, on a horse. “To be honest, it was probably a donkey but I was terrified, I hate heights !” At 4 he came down to earth and threw himself into the rough and tumble “dirt crazy” worlds of quad biking, motorcycle riding and, at 7, Karting.


Unsurprisingly, he would go on to become the youngest driver to set pole position at a national meeting and the youngest ever karting world champion at 14. His Award as British Young Driver of the Year and subsequent success on the track inspired McLaren to snap him up as a breath of fresh air. The rest is history – future history very much in the making.
Lando is passionate about his sport. Known to millions through the Netflix series Drive To Survive, he also, in 2020, founded Team Quadrant with its huge on-line following aimed at getting a whole new generation into e-sports, gaming and fashion. He is also a supporter of the Mind charity - a firm advocate for increasing mental health visibility in all sports.


What drives him on ? Two things. Control and team work. “I love to be in control. I hate the opposite. Going around a racetrack being a passenger ? That scares the hell out of me !” Two rituals help him achieve this control before every race. The first - fist-bumping all the mechanics. “Team work is so important. If I win it’s because they are there, manning the pit-stops.” This is definitely something that ties in with the Richard Mille family ethos. The second ? Eating chicken Teryaki with rice before each race. The Richard Mille family is pretty much OK with that too …