Misuzu Narita

Tenacious and Indomitable Golfing Spirit

Misuzu Narita is a woman brimming with natural-born athletic talent who displayed exceptional skills in a variety of sports from childhood. In junior high, she devoted the lion’s share of her time to softball, while also commuting to a golf school once a week. Achieving victories in various golf tournaments, where she consistently displayed the genuine depth of her skills. Upon entering high school, she decided to focus on golf. In 2011, while she had not yet passed the test for professional status, she earned a spot on the pro tour and proceeded to rack up her first win on that circuit.

In the year following her pro test in 2013, Misuzu recorded her first triumph as a professional at the NEC Karuizawa 72 Golf Tournament. Then 2014 truly proved to be a breakout year, including her first major title at the World Ladies Championship Salonpas Cup, and a total of three victories that year that vaulted her to No. 5 in the prizemoney ranking. She has continued to rely on her stable play to compile a steady series of wins, with her 13 championships to date ample testimony to her outstanding golf skills.


The essence of Misuzu’s golfing style does not consist of a steady approach aimed at maintaining par while creating chances to score birdies. Rather, she is noted for a more aggressive stance, characterized by efforts to boldly attack the pin and score birdies outright. In 9 of her 13 wins so far, for example, she rallied from behind to secure the title. As this shows, Misuzu is blessed with mental resilience that enables her to remain keenly focused to the very end. Her explosive style—which powered her to overcome a 5-stroke deficit on one occasion—has won over the hearts of many golfing fans.

“Richard Mille products are engineered with luxury and delicate mechanisms. Yet, even in golf, a sport that is all about forceful impact, these watches serve as a superbly reliable presence in constantly marking perfectly the passage of time

Misuzu Narita


As a member of the Richard Mille family, Misuzu also actively channels her energy into charitable activities. This stems from her conviction that material success and richness of heart are equally important and essential qualities. One area to which she devotes her time and energy is a project to cultivate the next generation of golfers. This reflects her faith that golf, which is grounded in the spirit of fair play, has a key role not only for building the character of junior and senior high school students targeted by the program, but also forging a path for them to enjoy rich and fulfilling lives.