Expertise and innovation centre ranked amongst the best neurological research institutions in the world today.

Since 2010, this unique institution, located at the heart of Europe’s largest hospital in terms of neurology, has focused on research dedicated to pathologies of the brain and spinal cord. It brings together more than 700 doctors, researchers and entrepreneurs from all over the world and promotes cross-disciplinary approaches to foster outside-the-box thinking. Their mission: to accelerate the discovery of new treatments to benefit patients.


“Jean Todt, who played a crucial role in establishing the Paris Brain Institute, approached me, and Gérard Saillant, the Institute’s president, convinced me of the need to contribute to this cause.”

Richard Mille


The Richard Mille brand has supported the Paris Brain Institute since 2012, fighting for a universal cause that has real meaning.The adventure continued in 2019 with the personal participation of Mr Richard Mille, who became member of the Paris Brain Institute’s Campaign Committee.
In 2021, The Richard Mille brand reaffirmed its strong commitment to the Institute and recognising the complexity of its mission by organising a Donors’ Club.
This Club represents a new and direct link between the Richard Mille clientele and the major stake that is the Paris Brain Institute. The goal is simple: invite our dear customers to sustainably support the ICM in its eternal fight against diseases that unfortunately do not spare anyone. Thanks to this long-term participation, the Richard Mille clientele will finally make possible a vision for the future and provide the necessary means that will allow the long-term strategy that the ICM is desperately seeking.


Our understanding of the brain is still very limited and the development of effective new treatments is a real challenge that urgently needs to be addressed. Experimental research is imperative and it requires a place where knowledge can be pooled and where dialogue between disciplines is facilitated. These exchanges contribute to broadening our knowledge and designing new treatments that can change the lives of a billion people.


“The human brain conceals great mysteries. Understanding it is an Odyssey on which many scientists and doctors have embarked. Interest in following this adventure is growing among the public and the various stakeholders in society. We need all of you, because research also means sharing, and all of those involved in the Institute are committed to this approach.”

Professor Alexis Brice