Serena Aoki

A Female Golfer Celebrated for Astonishing Putting Skills

Serena Aoki displays how a golfer can triumph without hitting consistently long drives down the fairways, by marshalling her incredibly stable putting skills. During 2022, for instance, she ranked as the most consistent putter on the Japan Ladies Tour – No. 1 in average number of putts per round and No. 2 in her 3-putt percentage. She stoically disciplines herself, approaching her play with forceful determination and constantly setting her sights on greater heights.


In 2011, Serena successfully qualified in her very first pro test with the Japan Ladies Professional Golfers’ Association (JLPGA). Through 2014 she built up her skills on the lower JLPGA tour, including many tournaments in which she was in the running for the championship. In 2015, she began working with pro golfer Shota Onishi as her coach, immediately finishing in fourth place at that year’s Salonpas Cup tournament and emerging as a full-time presence on the regular tour. Serena chalked up her first win in 2017 at the Yonex Ladies Golf Tournament and has continued to steadily advance her career ever since.

She went on to win the Shiseido Ladies Open in 2022, and the T-Point x ENEOS Golf Tournament in 2023, bringing her total championships to date to four. Competing on the JLPGA Tour, known for its fierce ups and down in rankings, Serena has relied on her dazzling putting skills to maintain her seeding on that circuit since 2015.


“Wearing a watch that is lightweight is of the utmost importance when playing golf. My current timepiece is astoundingly weightless and feels extremely snug on my arm while having no influence on performance. Yet another key point is resistance to wear and tear. In golf, the impact when hitting the ball can be as high as a full ton, and this occurs repeatedly during any given round. Richard Mille watches, crafted to avoid any deviation of the hands or breakage due to impact, have earned my full trust on all fronts.”

Serena Aoki


Serena, a member of the Richard Mille family, conducts charitable activities in which she donates 10,000 yen each time she records a birdie during tournament play. The mindset of never giving up in the quest for a birdie on each and every hole has become a major source of power in her pursuit of outstanding scores. Her steady playing style also acts as a solid tailwind in this endeavor, with the impressive birdie total tallied during 2022 placing her in the top ranks among Richard Mille family members by donation value. For her own sake, as well as that of the charitable causes, Serena rises to boldly challenge the pin on each and every hole she plays.

“While we are athletes who devote our energies to different fiercely competitive professional domains, the achievements of the Richard Mille family serve as a vital source of outstanding mutual stimulation. In the majority of cases, I find myself drawing encouragement from this stimulus, but I also want to assume the position of cheering on others. For me, the Richard Mille family, which inspires each to excel in their own right when another member is victorious, has become a precious and irreplaceable home base.”