A multi-year partnership

"Everyone knows Ferrari is an iconic brand with an incredible history, and a true following from the legendary ‘tifosi’ right through to multiple collectors of classic cars. We see this as a true partnership with multiple developments at its heart of our watches with Ferrari’s designers and engineers. The whole team is thrilled about the collaboration with Ferrari and committed to creating a strong and passionate partnership."

Richard Mille


Ahead of the field

Ferrari is one of the world’s most iconic brands. Founded in 1947 by the legendary Enzo Ferrari, the company has always been ahead of the field, driving towards excellence both on and off the track.


Shared values

This meeting of minds is based on shared values and a common way of thinking. Both brands forge their inspiration in the effervescent crucible of technology, continually promoting age-old know-how and cutting-edge innovation in a search full of passion for unparalleled levels of excellence in their respective fields. It was precisely this shared quest for innovation that gave rise to the technical feat that is the RM UP-01, Richard Mille’s thinnest watch. The multi-year partnership between Ferrari and the brand also covers the most prestigious Formula 1 competitions, the WEC Endurance Championships, Competizioni GT and Ferrari Challenge, and the Ferrari Driver Academy races, including the thriving Esports category.

Every single Ferrari over the eras has been characterised by its systematic use of cutting-edge technologies and the extreme attention to design that makes them true works of art. The same can be said of our watches, which symbolise modernity and performance. That is why our designers and engineers in the Swiss Jura region work in close collaboration with Ferrari’s teams.