Ambition, experience and talent


Since its creation, the Richard Mille Racing Team has shaken up predetermined ideas with an all-female trio challenging for the top positions on the European and then world stage. Always quick to break from convention, the team opened a new era in its adventure by opting for a mixed driver line-up in the FIA WEC LMP2 category.

"Our initial aim was to call attention to the lack of opportunities for women. It was important for us to start with an all-female team to make our intentions known, compel people to think and challenge reputations. We have had two great years with three women who have proven themselves in an LMP2 prototype in ELMS and then WEC. However, all the female drivers say they want more inclusivity by finding their place in mixed teams. Their dream comes true when men want to drive alongside them in the same team, and this is now our case with a trio promising a fulfilling season both from a human and sporting perspective."

Amanda Mille, Brand & Partnerships Director



In 2022, the team replaced its driver line-up with a new trio that would offer new challenges whilst keeping a close eye on the performances of Beitske Visser, Sophia Flörsch and Tatiana Calderón as they pursue their respective careers.

Lilou Wadoux made a name for herself in one-make racing series, becoming the first female race-winner in the Alpine Elf Europa Cup. After an unconventional career path where she excelled in saloon cars and GTs, she is now focusing on prototypes. " It's a big step, but I've learnt a lot in a short time, especially in areas I didn't know about, such as downforce, refuelling and driver changes. LMP2 is different to anything I have ever experienced. I've always been interested in endurance racing because of the team spirit”.



Lilou Wadoux can count on the experience of the Signatech team managed by Philippe Sinault, a structure that has won two world titles and three times the 24 Hours of Le Mans in LMP2 in the past six years. She is partnering with Charles Milesi, who won three races - including one on the twice around the clock classic - in his first season in the FIA WEC in 2021.

"We have a great challenge ahead of us. I am confident that we'll learn from each other to perform well despite the increasingly high level of the LMP2 category. Lilou has demonstrated a knack to adapt wherever she has been and it is an honour to be teamed up with Sébastien after I met him at the Bahrain rookie test with Toyota. Despite coming from a different discipline, his record is simply astonishing. No one wins eight world titles with three different constructors without having above-average technical feedback. The technical staff also have a lot of experience and we are in a cocoon that will help us improve. I look forward to an extremely rewarding season!"

Charles Milesi



A member of the Richard Mille family since 2016, Sébastien Ogier completes the line-up for his Endurance debut after establishing himself as one of the greatest rally drivers in history. Looking for a fresh challenge, the Frenchman joins another form of motorsport in which he has everything to learn, with humility.

"I know it's a big challenge, but I have been looking for a programme that motivates me more than the easy option. Up until now, I have focused on my rally career, but it has been on my mind for a long time that endurance racing could be a good challenge. All drivers tend to be a bit selfish, but there comes a time you want to share more when you are lucky enough to have had a successful career. LMP2 is a fantastic category and the best way for me to reach the highest level of endurance racing and improve in this discipline. I am a novice for sure, but I want to enjoy myself while assessing what's possible and seeing how close I can get to the best. Everyone is excited about it”.


"We are delighted to continue this exciting adventure with the Richard Mille Racing Team. In all our projects, we have always had a people-oriented approach, and this trio fits perfectly with that spirit. All three have the perfect approach, an excellent mindset and a willingness to work together.

Philippe Sinault, Signatech Director and Team Manager