Romain Grosjean

One of the most exciting drivers

A fast friendship

Romain Grosjean and Richard Mille met in 2013, immediately sparking the start of a great friendship. Ask Romain Grosjean about watches and you will soon realise that they are one of his passions. That’s no real surprise for a Genevan-born French-Swiss Formula 1 driver! Romain is relaxed but determined. He knows exactly when to put the pedal to the metal and give it his all!


‘The people I admire are those who work hard and give 100% of themselves; Richard is a model in that regard. His products are unanimously acknowledged for their technical excellence, and I am extremely proud to be one of his friends.’

Romain Grosjean

Give 100% of ourselves

Romain made his Formula 1 debut in 2009 with the Renault F1 Team. The following year, he was crowned champion in the GP2 Series with DAMS. He completed his first full Formula 1 season in 2012 with the Lotus F1 Team, which saw him make the podium on three occasions. In 2013, he doubled the previous year’s achievements and recorded his best-ever Formula 1 season. In 2015, the team got back on its feet, allowing him to make regular points-scoring finishes. After spending four years with the British team, Romain Grosjean switched to the Haas F1 Team in 2016, where he remained until 2020. After 180 Formula 1 starts, Romain crossed the Atlantic to take part in the IndyCar Series.


A fascination for watchmaking

Romain competed in 39 F1 Grand Prix wearing the same RM 011 Red Quartz TPT® watch. A thorough examination after the races revealed that it still worked perfectly, proving that Richard Mille watches are well and truly racing machines for the wrist. Romain’s eye for detail belies a fascination for the inner workings and mechanics of everything he uses.


‘I think watches are truly beautiful pieces of jewelry for men. I would quite happily take a watch apart because I love understanding how the mechanics work, and watches can reach the very pinnacle of precision.’

Romain Grosjean