Yohan Blake

The second fastest man on earth

Fast records

Yohan Blake has an impressive list of achievements under his belt. 2011 was the year he won the world title. It was in 2012, however, that he truly took his place in the Pantheon of Athletics' Greats. Blake ended the 2012 season as the second fastest man ever, not only at the 100m but also the 200m having clocked three of the fastest 11 runs over 100m and subsequently three of the nine quickest over 200m. At the London 2012 Olympics he went on to be part of the triumphant 4 x 100 meter relay team, once again rewriting history by beating the world record in just 36s 84.


Defining his time

The partnership started shortly before the dazzling achievements in London. The model, which was created for and with Yohan Blake, was unveiled in 2013. The design of the RM 59-01 is one of the company’s most spectacular editions. Together with the RM 61-01, Yohan continues to define his time both on and off the race track.


The conqueror

Yohan has the knack of making it look effortless - maybe because success came naturally to him, but definitely because of the years of training that went into making him the World Champion he now is. He may have conquered the world, Yohan has never forgotten his native Jamaica and makes sure that the fruits of his success are invested where they are needed - back home.



Yohan is extremely generous, devoting much of his time to helping underprivileged children in his native Jamaica through his YBAfraid charity. He is the only sportsman to donate much of his own income towards his foundation. Richard Mille was immediately smitten with Yohan's personality, his commitment to humanitarian causes, his tremendous talent as a sprinter, his flawless technique and his bewildering capacity for breaking records.