Yusaku Miyazato

A champion of noblesse oblige

The true secret behind the success on the links of Yusaku Miyazato can be found in his swing. Despite hitting the ball with little change in his forward leaning angle, largely on the strength of his trunk and upper body, there is no deviation in his drives. The shots he hits are the picture of precision, including those traveling over extended distances. Yusaku has mobilised this style as a potent asset, not only on the Japan Golf Tour, but also in active competition during overseas tournaments. In doing so, he has amassed a steady series of successes on numerous major stages.


Yusaku was raised in what became an illustrious golfing family, with his elder brother Kiyoshi and younger sister Ai also successful in the sport. In fact, of all the siblings, he is extolled as having the greatest talent, racking up eight titles during his years on the junior circuit. After enrolling in Tohoku Fukushi University, he proceeded to capture championships on the amateur, student and other Japan tour golfing events.
After turning pro in 2002, Yusaku immediately qualified for seed rights, going on to win his first championship at the 2013 Nippon Series JT Cup. In 2017, he became the top prize money earner in Japan – a first both for himself and for a Japan Golfers’ Association chairperson.
Among the most memorable highlights of his career to date is the 2006 Reno-Tahoe Open in Nevada, a PGA Tour event. There, he scored two hole-in-one shots during the same round – only the second golfer ever to ever achieve such a feat on a tour event. Along with his currently seven titles as a pro, another strength for Yusaku is how such accomplishments remain deeply etched in the memories of Japan golfing buffs.

"Above all, I’d say the term ‘light’ epitomises what I find so engaging in Richard Mille timepieces. So much so, in fact, that I consider them an integral part of my own body. Despite being so delicate in their design, though, I cannot recall ever encountering any hassle with their watches out on the golfing links, to say nothing of my everyday activities. If not for their exquisite beauty, I doubt I would ever wear any item so often. Even during tournament play, in fact, I often take a moment to peer into the intricate interior design and precision mechanisms. I never fail to be overwhelmed by the sheer excellence that shines through at such times.”

Yusaku Miyazato


Yusaku sees joining the Richard Mille family as an honour that bears witness to his excellence as an athlete. At the same time, he is deeply impressed by the spirit of charity the luxury brand embraces, which fuels his own active participation in such endeavours. In 2021, amidst the dramatic drop in tour tournaments due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it was Yusaku who proposed organising charity events to help kindle renewed enthusiasm for the world of Japanese golf. In view of this track record, we anticipate even greater contributions from Yusaku going forward, both as a member of the Richard Mille family and a top-ranking athlete.