RM 018

Tourbillon Boucheron

Calibre RM018

Manual winding tourbillon with hours, minutes and power reserve indicator.

Limited edition of 30 pieces


In celebration of Boucheron’s founding in 1858, the most famous jeweller of the Place Vendome and Richard Mille have joined forces to create a unique timepiece, the RM 018 tourbillon, representing a synthesis of Boucheron’s bejewelled savoir faire and the innovation of a 21st century watch brand.
The precious stones therefore shed their role as pure ornamentation and become an integral part of the movement; the ultimate in refinement coupled with breathtaking technical achievement.

This time, the project has been inspired by the 150th anniversary of Boucheron. What started out as a friendly collaboration with Jean-Christophe Bédos, at this time CEO of Boucheron, quickly developed into something much more tangible. They quickly saw that they were both motivated by the same values and principles in the creation and realization of exceptional objects, and that together, something never before achieved could be done.


The production of this unique tourbillon watch was shared between both companies with the case and the movement by Richard Mille, and the semi-precious and precious stones chosen by and embellished with Boucheron. Furthermore, each watch was unique, with different combinations of stones in each.

Due to the time-consuming nature of the production, which requires much hand finishing and embellishment, only 5 pieces were produced per year.

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