RM 023


Calibre RMA02

Automatic winding movement with hours, minutes, seconds, date and variable-geometry rotor.


For this watch, which was based on the famous RM 010, we took the liberty of creating forms that evoke the dual principles of masculine and feminine: the idea of affinity and opposition, or co-presence, as we understand it today. A unisex watch.
This timepiece has an elegant dial design, using an asymmetrical layout with appliqué Roman numerals on sapphire with a sculpted, Alcryn®-collared crown.

Designed for both men and women, this model expresses the essentials of Richard Mille’s philosophy in its sophisticated appearance: convincing as well as comfortable under all imaginable conditions.


Everything is in motion; day and night the Internet connects us from East to West and North to South; our expectations are to experience and feel things- in the “now”, not the “later”. And it is the job of 21st century watchmaking companies like Richard Mille to listen and react to everything that is taking place in horology, whilst at the same time never forgetting the principles and concepts that stand behind their philosophy of watchmaking. Of course, a watch can be contemporary, but for Richard Mille it will never become a fashion product or a slave to trends.

In a nutshell, that’s the story behind the creation of the RM 023: more than just another variation on a theme, it added something new to the entire Richard Mille collection, at the same time acknowledging the ongoing and continuous dialogue between the brand and the watch lovers who cherish it.

The skeletonized RM 023, which makes its appearance in 2009, has been given new dimensions (45.00 mm x 38.30 mm x 11.25 mm) and its size is midway between that of the RM 007 and the RM 010. It had a new and elegant dial design, using an asymmetrical layout with roman numerals in appliqué on sapphire with an unusual sculpted, Alcryn collared crown.

Designed for both men and women, this model united everything essential in Richard Mille’s philosophy with a sophisticated appearance, convincing as well as comfortable under all imaginable conditions.


Whilst the case size of the RM 023 combined with the dial and crown brings an air of elegance to the exterior, the interior- as can be expected from any Richard Mille creation- is focused solely on timekeeping and nothing else.

Great attention to every detail is insured, in this case starting with the winding rotor and its white gold V-shaped ribs and variable geometry, which can be personally adjusted to each wearer’s activity level before leaving the workshop. The weight segment along the outer edge is milled from a special tungsten/cobalt alloy with the rotor’s ball bearings created from synthetic ceramics. The special double barrel system lowers wear and tear on the movement, also evening out any variations in the flow of power to the movement. This extreme care and attention to the rotor and winding aspects of the watch’s going train are directly connected with the necessity of an even energy supply as the essential basis for ensuring excellent chronometric results.


The PVD treated titanium baseplate, bridges and balance-cock with many skeletonized parts have been developed to guarantee excellent rigidity and accurate surface flatness, which in the case of skeletonized movements requires additional considerations. A casing ring is no longer used with the

movement seated in the tripartite case using chassis mounting rubbers and fixed with 4 titanium screws, thereby insuring additional isolation from external shock and vibration.

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