RM 027

Tourbillon Rafael Nadal

The idea with the RM 027 was to bring a tourbillon into the arena that was capable of withstanding the shocks incurred for hours on end on clay courts, which can involve forces of several hundred g’s, while remaining totally comfortable and lightweight : a real challenge for any tourbillon movement.
Our existing designs in high-performance mechanics had to be entirely rethought and retested. The kind of daunting challenge that we adore. Wearing this ‘second skin’ as he calls it, Rafael Nadal won everywhere: Roland Garros, Wimbledon and Flushing Meadows, but before that, he forced the brand to push the limits very very far!”


Calibre RM027

Manual winding tourbillon movement with hours and minutes.

Limited edition of 50 pieces


It is from the key concept of lightness that we developed the RM 027 Tourbillon in close collaboration with Rafael Nadal, who tested the RM 027 in real world conditions and wore it during tennis matches. The results of this horological experiment speaks for itself: despite the abrupt, extreme movements and shocks typical of high level tennis matches, the RM 027 Tourbillon has proven its durability whilst enabling Rafael Nadal total freedom of movement.

Following the RM 006 (42 g without strap) and the RM 009 (29 g without strap), the RM 027 weighs in at less than 20 g (including the strap) thus becoming the lightest watch ever produced at this time.

'When we first produced tourbillons with titanium and ALUSIC® cases and carbon baseplates, we were fighting against perceived value. A titanium watch could not be a luxurious timepiece as it did not weigh enough. However mentalities rapidly changed and gradually with time amateurs soon appreciated the extreme lightness of our watches whilst being associated with the best technology.’

Richard Mille

The baseplate of the RM 027 Tourbillon is made from Titanium and LITAL® alloy, a high lithium content alloy containing aluminum, copper, magnesium and zirconium, possessing a density of 2.55. The addition of lithium, one of the lightest elements, to the alloy mixture, provides great strength without adding unnecessary weight. This particular alloy is also used for the same reasons in the aerospace industry in the construction of the Airbus A380, helicopters, rockets and satellites, as well as in F1 racing cars.

The result is one of the world’s lightest mechanical tourbillon wristwatches with a movement weight of just a mere 3.83 grams.


The RM 027 watchcase, composed of a composite containing large amounts of carbon, provides a tough and resilient enclosure for the tourbillon movement at its center. The back bezel and caseband are monobloc to ensure total lightness. The glass, the bezel and the flange in carbon have remarkable properties of stiffness and torsional rigidity.

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