RM 057

Tourbillon Jackie Chan

Calibre RM057

Manual winding tourbillon movement with hours, minutes and power-reserve indicator.

Limited edition of 36 pieces


2012 was the year of the dragon. Marking such an auspicious occasion and animal, the RM 057 Dragon-Jackie Chan embodies all that is worthy of a dragon’s attention.
In ancient China, the Celestial dragon embodied a visual representation of the emperor and power, whereas today it is the ultimate symbol signifying success and happiness. A Sung Dynasty manuscript once described the dragon as having the head of an ox, muzzle of a donkey, eyes of a shrimp, horns of a deer, body of a serpent covered with fish scales and the feet of a phoenix. Invariably accompanied by thunder and rain, dragons move like lightning and whirlwinds - all powerful yet totally unpredictable.


Richard Mille has long wanted to create an exceptional timepiece for Jackie Chan himself, inspired by his Chinese name meaning ’the one who will become dragon’.

On the movement baseplate of pure, deep black onyx - considered a stone of protection against negative thoughts and the stone of equilibrium and inspiration - the golden dragon engraving and colored scales grips the tourbillon bridge in one of his claws. The dragon’s five-toed claw is proof of its Imperial status.


Adding a refined visible touch, the round, engraved Jackie Chan signature set into the black onyx baseplate side rotates once every 60 seconds in time with the tourbillon’s rotation.

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