RM 38-01

Tourbillon Bubba Watson

After the success of the limited edition RM 038 Golfer’s Tourbillon released in 2011, Richard Mille undertook the development of yet another specific tourbillon watch for Bubba Watson with added functionalities to complement his powerful drives on the course.
The result is the RM 38-01 Bubba Watson, a timepiece that combines a patented g-sensor with a tourbillon mechanism, thus providing new insights for golfers during their game.


Calibre RM38-01

Manual winding tourbillon movement with hours, minutes and g-force indicator.

Limited edition of 50 pieces


The mechanical G-sensor, a Richard Mille world first containing more than 50 moving parts within a mere 17mm, allows the user to see the accumulated motion of their swing in G’s. The sensor, placed under 12 o’clock, is able to record the force generated by a golfer’s swing, specifically during the last segment.


In reality this means that the RM 38-01 can record up to 20-G’s of acceleration, a very important insight for golfers such as Bubba Watson, renowned for his ability to hit a ball at more than 310 kilometers per hour. Resetting the sensor back to zero for the following swing is done by simply pressing the aerodynamically formed pusher at 9:00 once.


The G-sensor mechanism is integrated into the heart of a manual winding tourbillon movement with circa 48 hours of power reserve. The movement is a technological marvel with its highly skeletonized, asymmetrical flying bridges and plates machined from grade 5 titanium with PVD treatment. This choice of materials and finish ensure rigidity, flatness and resistance for all the moving parts, simultaneously allowing the movement to effortlessly express its architectural aspirations of air and form.


the RM 38-01 G-sensor Bubba Watson provides all golfers with new insights about the strength of their swing and thus allows them to better adapt the power of their technique accordingly to the playing requirements of each course they compete on. It represents the perfect synthesis of haute horlogerie with 21st century innovation, comfort and usefulness for today’s golf enthusiasts worldwide.

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