RM 008-V2

Tourbillon Split-Second Chronograph

With functionality that is very close to that of the RM 004, the flagship RM 008 incorporates all the characteristics of the RM 004 split-seconds chronograph, to which a tourbillon carriage made up of 85 parts and weighing just a third of a gramme (0.34 g) was added. It was, in fact, the first new split-seconds chronograph designed in the 21st century, and for several years after its release in 2003, this watch remained the most complicated timepiece in the collection. It was so technically complicated that, when the brand first started out, there was only one watchmaker in Switzerland capable of flawlessly executing the extremely demanding finishing and assembly operations required.

Calibre RM008-V2

Manual winding tourbillon movement with hours, minutes, seconds, split-seconds chronograph, 30-minute totaliser, power-reserve, torque and function indicators.


Benefitting from the technological advances of carbon nanofibre for the movement baseplate construction that was first pioneered in the experimental limited edition RM 006, followed by the RM 002-V2, RM 003-V2 and RM 004-V2 watches, the RM 008-V2 became the fourth model in the Richard Mille collection to undergo a technical transformation to a carbon nanofibre baseplate.

The baseplate is made from an isotropic composite material created from carbon nanofibres that have been moulded under a high pressure of 7,500 N/cm2 and at a temperature of 2,000˚C to result in a material with high mechanical, physical and chemical stability in all directions. The ribbed edge of the movement baseplate ensures optimal rigidity of the baseplate and bridges.


The design fundamentals of the RM 008-V2 went far and beyond classical split-seconds models, leading to improved chronograph performance that virtually eliminated the traditional stutter associated with the stopping and starting of the split-seconds hand, combined with very low friction. This was achieved through a great number of studies that led to the design and manufacturing of gear wheels and levers in titanium, leading to a new generation of split-seconds components that greatly reduced overall inertia. Moreover, these developments also meant that the energy consumption of the RM 008 movement could be lowered by approximately 50% thanks to reduced friction on the spindle, virtually eliminating the hand’s tendency to jump on starting thanks, in particular, to research that focused on how the split-seconds arms worked.

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RM 003-V2
Tourbillon Dual Time Zone
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RM 004
Split-Seconds Chronograph (V2 and V3)