Richard Mille watches combine passion, creativity, precision, craftsmanship and originality.


The beauty and solitude of the Swiss Jura landscape is a perfect setting for the creation of timepieces. Horométrie S.A., Guenat S.A. Montres Valgine and ProArt I and II combine their expertise in terms of development, production and distribution of Richard Mille watches worldwide.



Created in 2001, it is the operating company of the Richard Mille brand, also providing distribution over the world through 4 associated partners:

- Peter Harrison (CEO EMEA)

- Keita Kawasaki (CEO Japan)

- John Simonian (CEO Americas)

- Dave Tan (CEO Asia)

These distributors control 41 Richard Mille boutiques around the world.

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‘Reject any compromise. Whether the topic is choice of materials, the technologies employed, or the functionalities of our watches, a single keyword governs the manufacture: innovation.’

Dominique Guenat


Guenat S.A. Montres Valgine is the story of a family. In 1900, Ali Guenat became the owner of a small watchmaking enterprise, starting a family tradition that has endured three generations. For over 110 years, the company has been based in Les Breuleux. It has survived the evolutions and revolutions of the watchmaking world, from mechanical movement to quartz, and back again. Dominique Guenat entered the company in 1986 and took the reins of the firm in 1991. In 1999 Dominique and his long-time friend Richard joined forces to create the brand.

The company won the Jurassian Government Award for Innovation and Excellence in 2011.



Working at Montres Valgine since 2000, General Director Yves Mathys is responsible for fulfilling Richard Mille’s demanding desires in the realization of each timepiece produced in Les Breuleux. Having witnessed the birth of the brand from the very start, he understands it like no one else.

With his past experience in medical, automotive and watchmaking industries, he is a business insider with a long and proven track record covering purchasing and manufacturing to sales and finance. A charismatic figure with a warm personality, Mathys is the ‘go-to’ person when the production department needs answers. His understanding of the hundreds of complex steps in timepiece production ensure the perfect oversight of the flow of parts to the watchmakers and every step thereafter, guaranteeing that every timepiece carrying the name Richard Mille will embody the perfection demanded by the brand.


ProArt I

This Richard Mille facility opened in April 2013. ProArt is a state-of-the-art, 3,000 square metres building designed by the Chavanne architecture agency. This factory represented a new milestone for the brand, which has already won over connoisseurs and enthusiasts of very fine watchmaking. Richard Mille cases, as well as a number of movement components, including baseplates, bridges, screws, and some wheels, are entirely manufactured at this site.


ProArt II

ProArt 2 is the new extension of ProArt I and is entirely dedicated to the development of the Richard Mille brand. With a surface of approximately 2,500 m2, this impressive building is home to the technical offices, namely case and movement engineers, the R&D team and the artistic direction.

With the addition of this new building, the brand will be able to incorporate new trades in-house such as those related to the purchase of diamonds or decoration including the creation of a gemsetting workshop.

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