Bubba Watson

A truly original character


‘Atypical’ sums up Bubba Watson. He’s not the typical American, he’s not the typical sportsman, and definitely not the typical golf champion. Double-figure PGA Tour wins including two victories in Augusta alone are well worth their dedicated watches. Known for incredible shot-making, mammoth drives, a hot pink shafted driver and an electric personality, Bubba Watson is a true all American superstar.


‘Richard liked things that are different about me: my upbringing and background, the fact that I taught myself...being a powerful lefthanded hitter.’

Bubba Watson


A potential laboratory

When he started his professional career in 2003, Bubba played golf wearing bracelets on his wrist rather than a watch. That was before he met Richard Mille for whom all sports are potential laboratories. The more the sport involves physical and mechanical constraints, the more a challenge it proves. Bubba was in for the long term and has been with the brand since 2011. Several models have been made especially for him : the RM 038 Tourbillon, the RM 38-01 Tourbillon G-Sensor and the RM 055.


A truly self-taught

Bubba grew up in the small town of Bagdad, Florida where his interest in golf began at the age of 6. He was given a cut down 9-iron from his father. Even his first contact with the sport was unusual - hitting wiffle-balls around the house ! The only golf lesson Bubba ever received was from his father at a very young age. Apart from that, he is truly self-taught and has carved out a unique position as an enduring champion in a conservative discipline where strict coaching had hitherto reigned.


Among the most established drivers

With a dozen PGA Tour wins to his name, Watson is among the most established drivers on the PGA Tour. In 2007 he had an average drive of 288.2 m and can hit over 320m, generating a ball speed of up to 312 km/h. He has finished top of the driving distance statistics five times in his career in the 2006, 2007, 2008, 2012, and 2014 seasons. Bubba then went on to win the Masters in 2012, a victory which he repeated two years later.