Felipe Massa

A driver who excels

Felipe Massa is the longest lasting sports partner of the Richard Mille family. A driver who excels not only at the wheel but also in his friendships. His personality, generosity and warmth have been a mainstay of the brand for many years.


‘Richard showed me that the spirit of watchmaking and racing are the same. When making watches at this level, there are constant challenges to be overcome on a technical level. Likewise, high-end watchmaking also requires tremendous physical mastery and total concentration without a fraction of a second's distraction.’

Felipe Massa

An historic partner

The Brazilian driver started his Formula 1 career in 2002. He was Richard Mille’s first long-standing partner and has never started a race without a Mille watch on his wrist. His achievements include 11 race wins, 16 pole positions and 41 podiums, and he was runner-up in the 2008 Formula 1 championship with Ferrari. Felipe then competed with Williams until the end of the 2017 season. At that point, he decided to put a definitive end to his Formula 1 career and to start afresh. Without leaving motorsports entirely, Felipe set himself the challenge of switching disciplines, taking part in the Formula E championships and stock car racing, while being the head of the CIK-FIA.

“I remember some fantastic events in Japan with Rafael Nadal and Richard, as well as other major events in Abu Dhabi and at Richard’s home in France. They are all good memories because Richard is a charming and charismatic man with a great sense of friendship and loyalty. He isn’t just excellent professionally speaking; he is a true friend.” 

Felipe Massa


THE test driver

As a long-term watch test driver for Richard Mille, he is to thank for the brand rising to so many incredible challenges and its amazing watch advancements. These feats include creating a carbon nanofibre mainplate, which was tested for the first time on the RM 006 Felipe Massa. The next models named after the Brazilian driver were just as remarkable: the RM 009 saw the first use of ALUSIC® for the case, while development of the RM 050 gave rise to an exceptional movement weighing just 9.5 grams.


‘I’ve loved working with the RM Team over the years. Their unwavering commitment to retain the beauty of their hand-craftmanship whilst driving future horological innovation without compromise really impresses me.’

Felipe Massa