Jules Bianchi

A motor sport talent

Bianchi's exposure to motorsport started at around 3 years of age

‘For a long time, my dream, and that of my friend Nicolas Todt, Jules’ manager, was to help Jules reach the pinnacle of his art and fulfil his dream of becoming a world champion ; he certainly had the talent, as everyone agrees. Like all great champions, that was his sole dream. We, his friends and his family, feel such a terrible injustice, because Jules has left us, and we were not able to help him realise his dream.

As with all the sports people we support, we live through their successes and failures, but I could never have imagined living such a tragedy. I had forgotten how dangerous motor racing can be, because like Jules, we are obsessed with performance. Our family has been decapitated, devastated, even though we knew that our friend’s condition was irreversible. Now, we will dedicate ourselves to the memory of our loyal, intelligent, gentle, humble, altruistic and adorable friend, whom we miss terribly.


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